The Learning Terrace Childcare

What's Important To Us



The Learning Terrace see the importance of the link between healthy, trusting partnerships with families and the strength of the relationships they hold with children. A responsive and sensitive relationship is at the core of all decision making for educators and management at The Learning Terrace. It underpins our “respect, connect, Create” philosophy and guiding values. It is of our highest importance and we invest time and resources to strengthen and nourish them.

Play Environments

Our vast and stunning outdoor play spaces and focus on a research based approach to programming for learning are sets us apart from other services. We inspire children through creating environments rich in play possibilities. We create time and space for uninterrupted joyful play and exploration. Studios and outdoor areas are set up to allow for a range of open ended play, loose parts play, water play, creativity and imagination. Children are given the choice of what experiences they wish to engage in and for how long they want to spend at each experience. Educators are seen as co-players rather than facilitators of play. We value and celebrate courageous play across the centre and see this as an opportunity for children to learn about the limits and capabilities of their bodies.


Our Team

We have an incredible team of close to 40 dedicated, knowledgeable and courageous educators who deeply respect and are committed to their learners and profession. We see educators as the researchers of children’s play; thus documenting with professionalism, respect and importance becomes the framework for quality. The ensure a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging bravery, curiosity and innovation amongst teams and management. This team effort allows our practices to be an authentic reflection of our collective knowledge and values.

Innovate Learning Programs

We use “The Rose Way Framework” to program and pan for our learners. This means that each term as a Team we use a responsive, reflective and research based lens to decide on a focus for the Centre to unpack. This is in direct response to and a combination of what we are seeing in children’s play, our communities needs, educator knowledge and current research.

This approach to learning is inspired by the work out of The Reggio Emilia Project in Italy. It is underpinned by the belief that children are competent, skilled young citizens, thus it will provide a child-centred approach to learning that values, appreciates and celebrates each child’s uniqueness.

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