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The Learning Terrace service philosophy declarations

At The Learning Terrace, our team of educators are in constant reflection and in conversation with each other about our service philosophy. It is what guides us and drives us. It is our yard stick for decision making and our pedagogical approach. Our philosophy declarations continue to evolve and deepen, reflecting our unique community. 

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Respect Philosphy Photo


-We declare that we as educators will meet, respect and advocate the for rights of every child. 

-We see respect as a foundation for developing connections and relationships with families, communities and each other. 

-We will honour and respect the Worimi peoples of our region, land and Country. 

-We will present and document children’s work and ideas in a respectful manner. 

-We will include all families, showing deep respect for culture, diversity and abilities. 

-We believe that our educators are professionals within our community. 

-We respect the choices, voices and ideas that children hold. 

-We believe in respecting the environment in which we are in and surrounded by. 


We feel that the connections and relationships fostered and invested in at The Learning Terrace are varying, unique and strong- but equally important. 

-We will encourage and support the involvement of all members of our community. 

-We see value in making connections with the natural world and our environment. 

-We see friendships as an opportunity to connect and create memories. 

-We believe children have the right to be seen and heard within the community. 

-We feel children deserve the time and space to connect and revisit learning experiences. 

-We believe communication and interactions are important for children to feel that they belong in studios and feel comfortable with educators. 

-We will liaise and connect with outside agencies and professional educators- ensuring the best possible outcomes for children and families. 

-We see value in acknowledging past experiences and those who have walked before us. 

-We encourage educators and children to connect with their feelings and emotions. 


We will endeavour to inspire children through creating environments rich in play possibilities. 

-We value children’s creatives voices and see value in all creative expression. 

-We will provide children with a rich and diverse supply of materials to express, explore and create with. 

-We observe common languages throughout spaces as a means to connect and belong. 

-We will foster children’s interests and provide open ended opportunities for them to further explore and create. 

-We seek to create positive dispositions around learning and attitudes to learning. 

-We strive to create a space and service where joy lives. 

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