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Bush Kinder

Being Outside with Nature

Bush Kinder

Preschool Learners

Bush Kinder happens three days a week at The Learning terrace for our Preschool Learners. We take 10 children each session with two of our specially trained bush kinder educators.

Watch our video to learn a little about Bush Kinder and what your child might experience.


An important part of childhood is being outside in nature

At The Learning Terrace, we believe childhood is precious and we acknowledge that an important part of childhood is being outside in nature. We know that children are natural learners who embrace every opportunity to explore. We recognise that children need more unstructured time outside and this knowledge is supported by research. We view bush kinder as an extension of

our indoor/outdoor program and a unique program which forms a special part of our learners complete early learning experience.

Bush Kinder provides uninterrupted time in a rich natural environment that is ideal for children. When children engage in this play in peer groups, they experience opportunities for play that are not always seen when playing within our learning environments.

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